Clean Energy Contractors are designers and installers of solar energy systems, energy storage, air source heat pumps and electric vehicle charge points in the residential sector.

We install across Greater Manchester and remain an independent installer that offers impartial and ethical advice across all technologies.

Technologies are developing quickly and as they become more intelligent we are able to design and install a complete solution for you. Making the most of solar PV generated energy to power your heating, power, and lighting at peak times giving you control to reduce your Carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills.

Why Clean Energy Contractors?

Each project is assessed on its on merits and the individual needs of each client.

We are accredited by the worlds leading manufacturers and trade regulators, each technology and product has to pass our due diligence test and only those that are proven will make the grade.

Customer Service remains as important to us as the quality of the installation itself.

We strive for the long-term satisfaction for each of our clients.

Part of the Kast Group